Theme symposium for 2022

The world is changing quickly, especially the subjects related to energy. The upcoming 5G network, new needs of companies , different energy sorces (hydrogen, wind, sun) which have other network structures and need locally generated energy with local energy storage.

We are expecting the implementation of the 5G network in the coming years, more and more district bound applications and the smart grids will keep on developing.

That’s what we are going to talk about in 2022. About how we are going to act on this, with what, how that works and what
sort of application options this offers.

The way of working, new developments, risks and application options related to Energy and Power subjects will be discussed at the PEP2040 symposium 2022.

This years theme will be:

Revolutionary techniques & applications, in the world of energy”. 

Speakers 2022 

At the PEP2040 symposium below speakers will give a presentation about subjects related to this years theme.   

Speaker Organization Theme
Anthony Turner Real World Visuals What are people for ? (supporting the energy revolution), keynote
  KPN Connecting the Sustainable Planet
Wouter van den Akker  Alliander  Accelleration in smarter and integrated energy systems needed 
Mathieu Przybyla Wego Consultancy The Energytransition, the parties involved and their interests
Leon Sluiman EQUANS EVIS Modular Energy Concepts (MEC) supporting the energy transition
  Pixii Germany GmbH Battery Energy Storage (BESS)
Theo Fens TU Delft Hydrogen, a multisector promise in the energy transition, current status and developments

Location 2022 

This years symposium will take place at the event location “BlueCity” located in Rotterdam.