Objective and Mission of PEP2040

PEP2040 is `the’ Platform for ‘Energy & Power’ at which we try to imagine how the energy world should look in 2040 so that we can meet the set goals and, above all, work towards a sustainable world and effective and efficient energy management.

The energy transition is a joint ‘journey of discovery’. We, as PEP2040, see it as our role to make a contribution by organizing an annual symposium in which the subject ‘energy’ will be highlighted in every relevant way, as long as it is innovative and contributes to a sustainable world and with that the further development and interpretation of that future perspective.

The scope of PEP2040 is very wide because the world of energy is more than just suppliers and consumers. It is about providers of energy, all forms of energy like gas, wind, sun and hydrogen and alternative energy sources, manufacturers and suppliers of UPS units and batteries, knowledge institutions (universities), installers, politics and last but not least: Consumers.